“This is like a really hot date!” My shoot with Finn and Sam.

Finn Deerhart and Sam Sebastian have been together for three years. They were both tired of hookup cultures and unattainable body standards. So they decided to do something about it. Through coaching, workshops, and community events, Finn and Sam teach gay, bisexual, and transgender men how to relate to each other as full, sexy, sensual humans, not just sex objects. By simply being, Finn and Sam model vulnerability and deep connection for queer men.

Four things that make a photo shoot amazing

Will I look good in my photos? Are you going to ask me to do things I’m not comfortable with? Do I have to look a certain way?

All of those are legitimate concerns that my clients bring up on a regular basis when we talk about a photo shoot.

In practice, I’ve found that when I incorporate four key principles into my shoots, those concerns melt away, and my clients have a fantastic experience. Let’s talk about those.

Six outfits to try in a sexy photo (that are not just 'lingerie')

I was on a free consultation call with a potential client. She was super excited to book her shoot. Before the call ended, I asked her if she had any questions or concerns.

She said, “I don’t have anything sexy to wear, like lingerie and stuff. I mean, I might have some in a closet somewhere, but I haven’t fit in it in a long time!”

I asked her, “Do you have other fun things that you enjoy wearing, like … a loose sweater, for instance?”

Her voice sounded a bit skeptical, “A loose sweater. Um … really?”

All I could say was: “Trust me and bring it with you, you’ll love it.”