Hi, I’m Raj!

Here’s a little bit about my journey into photography, and why I love what I do.

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My Story

In 2017, I took the Somatica training program in San Francisco to become a sex and relationship coach. As part of the program, I learned a lot of deep, insightful concepts: how so many women are traumatized by their experiences around their bodies and their relationship with society and men, how creating a supportive space and a container of trust is critical to healing, and how being in your own body can be so empowering and confidence-building.

At the end of the program, I realized that while I did not want to be a relationship coach, I could combine many of those ideas with my other passion, photography. What if a photography session can also be a time of celebration, empowerment and healing for my clients? That idea led to my interest in doing boudoir photography.

As a male photographer, I bring a special perspective and a special responsibility to my clients. Instead of the objectification and degradation that women have to endure from men every day in the world, I want you to have the experience of a man who supports your healing, true will, and self-expression. I want you to feel beautiful, confident, and powerful exactly as you are. You deserve it.

Why I love boudoir

Everyday, women are bombarded with messages about what their bodies should look like. They are constantly told that unless they use certain products, eat a certain way or look a certain way, they don’t deserve to be successful or desirable.

As a man, I see so many of the women in my life struggle with feeling that way; women who are dedicated to being professionals, partners, mothers and often don’t make enough time to take care of themselves. I’m constantly amazed by how beautiful and powerful these women are, and saddened by the fact that they’re unable to see themselves that way.

My goal is to show each and every woman in front of my camera how beautiful she truly is. I aim to create a fun and supportive space where you feel completely in your body and express your true, gorgeous self. I love the moment when a client looks at the photos we’ve created together and radiates power & confidence, or when she reflects back on how the experience of being photographed made her feel truly seen.